the quantum writer with mahina perrot


Write and Publish Your First Book in Just 90 Days!


A PASSIONATE business owner?

SOULFUL entrepreneur?

An ASPIRING writer?


Do you “HAVE A BOOK IN YOU” that begs to be written but you haven’t had the TIME, the ENERGY and/or MOTIVATION to finish it yet?

Have you gone through a TRANSFORMATIONAL journey and wish to share your STORY with the world?

Do you have some EXPERTISE in a particular area or areas and know that your clients would BENEFIT from reading about what you know?


Allow you to STAND OUT from the other professionals in your field and FURTHER YOUR CAREER!

Accelerate your SUCCESS and help you be seen as an EXPERT and LEADER in your niche !

Reach a much WIDER audience and INSPIRE more people in all four corners of the world !

Help your FUTURE clients to FIND YOU more easily in this big wide world !

Increase your IMPACT on people’s lives !

Add CREDIBILITY to your business !

Generate a PASSIVE income !


Hi I’m Mahina Perrot! As a former journalist, writer, author, Quantum Manifestation Coach, and WRITING, MINDSET and SELFPUBLISHING COACH, and I am here to help you make your dreams come true!

In this exclusive programme, I will teach you how to COLLAPSE SPACE & TIME as we bring together your IDEAS and EXPERIENCES to create your UNIQUE and EXCEPTIONAL book!

If you don’t know WHERE or HOW to start to write your book, THIS IS FOR YOU!

If you have a manuscript in mind but never seem to have the TIME and/or the MOTIVATION to finish it, this is FOR YOU!

If you believe in the fact that we can REPROGRAMME our subconscious mind to remove BLOCKAGES and accelerate POSITIVE CHANGES, then THIS IS FOR YOU!

Mahina Perrot Author Writing and Mindset Coach


Quantum Writer programme 1
Quantum Writer programme 2

The 12-week QUANTUM WRITER programme Includes:

👉 A FREE 60-min Clarity Call 

👉 A 60-min 1:1 Coaching Session with me every week for 12 weeks 

👉 Full walkthrough of the book writing, book editing, and publishing processes in 12 unique modules

👉 Full proofreading of your book 

👉 12 Quantum Frequencies that will boost your creativity and productivity / reprogramme your subconscious brain to remove blockages and accelerate your success 

👉 Full access to me via What’s App/Messenger/email for 12 weeks 

👉 BONUS 1: Two 60-min sessions during which we put a Marketing Strategy in place  

👉 BONUS 2: A FREE paperback copy of my book “Write & Publish your book in 90 days” which you can use as your workbook as we go through the programme together

*See FAQ for disclaimer & more information


According to an American study, 80% of people want to write and publish a book at some point in their lives, yet fewer than 0.01% have actually done it!

So, what will YOU do?

Kristine Crouch Author tutored by Mahina Perrot
SARAH REDDAN author of starting your self-care journey
Eleonore Op de Beeck author of the year I went wild
I am my father's eulogy by Luti richards

Do YOU also have a great book idea?


Congratulations on investing in yourself!

As your personal coach, I will encourage your to step out of your comfort zone, to push your limits, I will challenge you, hold you accountable, and I will be there for you whenever you need me.

I will have your back, and I won’t let you down! I will be your guide as you literally transform your life! Let’s get started!


Is there a money back guarantee?

No. The simple reason is that I only accept clients who are 100% committed to their own self-growth and self-development!

By choosing the Write and Publish your book programme, you are committing to going through the process and completing the programme within 90 days. Suppose you are taking longer than the three months allocated to you to complete or external constraints, I reserve the right to continue working with you in the future, mainly because when you sign up, I plan our sessions according to our original agreement and I may not be available in the future. Also, the goal is for you to complete this programme within 3 months so any delay, postponed sessions, and bonuses cannot be guaranteed past that date.