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The Manifesting Adventure

Take your power back as the creator of your own reality!

Are you READY to Manifest YOUR success? What is it you TRULY desire? Did you know you could make ALL your dreams come true?

Whether you want to achieve your goals, land your dream job, find your perfect partner, attract more wealth, get fitter, feel healthier, be happier, you CAN do/be/have it all!

In this extraordinary 12-month long programme, I will be by your side, steadily guiding you through an unprecedented transformation as you master the Law of Attraction Principles.

Together, we will also explore the psychological, scientific and spiritual aspects of the Manifestation process and I will give you phenomenal tools and practical advice which you can begin to apply in your life today! 

So get ready to ignite your inner fire, add quantum fuel to it and go full steam in the direction of your dreams! 

The Empowering Journey

Become an expert at feeling good! 

This fantastic  3-month programme packed with ultra-powerful, super-efficient techniques that will allow you to master the art of living peacefully!

You will learn and become proficient at using various life-changing skills such as affirmations, meditation, visualisation self-hypnosis, EFT so that you can go from “stressed” to “calmness” in an effortless, enjoyable manner.

This programme allows you to take charge of your life and thrive. It propels you so powerfully into a new way of living and being.

And you will never have to look back!

In just 90 days, I will teach you how you can rewire your brain, get rid of negative thinking and of old beliefs that no longer serve you.

You will learn how to nurture a positive mindset and have fun again as you literally transform for the better.

The Author’s Path

Write and publish your book in just 90 days!

Have you been wanting to write a book for a while but never seem to have the time, the energy, the motivation or the inspiration to get to it?

Have you started your book manuscript but have suffered from the infamous “writer”s block” and are not sure about how to proceed? Or are you afraid that the book publishing process may be dreadfully complicated?

As an author, I promise you, holding your own book in your hands truly is one of the best feelings you’ll ever experience!

And in this exclusive programme, I will accompany you as you make one of your dearest dreams come true.

I will help you push through your self-imposed limits and rediscover your purpose and passion for writing.

I will give you tools I have personally developed that will allow you to master your mind so that you can start, write, finish and publish your first book in just 90 days!

Hypno-Manifestations Bundle

Reprogram your subconscious mind to manifest anything you want! 

This exclusive package includes 7 powerful Hypno-Manifestation Meditations (one for each day of the week) that will rewire your brain for abundance, success, love or anything you desire!

Each of these 20-min recordings is created using a mixture of carefully crafted affirmations/intentions and ancient Solfeggio Frequencies.

They are based on the idea that we are all on a journey to realising our full potential, on neuroscience, which states that we create new neural pathways by doing specific exercises daily and on the spiritual belief that we are all vibrational beings who can attract whatever we want in our lives.

For maximum results, these meditations must be listened to using headphones, at least once a day, for a minimum of  90 days. You can do them sitting up or lying down, in your own time!

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Are looking for a new, adventurous read? Find some inspiration right here!

I love writing inspirational stories that encourage children and adults alike to become the heroes of their own adventures!

Here you can browse through my unique collection of books which includes my best-seller Manifesting: A simple yet powerful step-by-step guide to creating the successful and abundant life you desire.

You will also find an inspiring compilation of real, funny and sometimes scary anecdotes of my time spent travelling around the world, and coming face to face with wild animals!

My fiction book, Izel, the Black Panther, a captivating tale of the first black jaguar born in the Amazon Rainforest, will enchant your children aged from 9 + and all young adult fiction fans.

Foxy’s Wild adventures, a beautiful and compelling story of a wild fox (illustrated with real photographs!) and the African Tales and Legends Collection are also all available here.


Hi there! My name is Mahina Perrot. I am a Certified Manifestation/Law of Attraction Coach and Life Coach as well as an author and a Writing Coach.

I help people to tap the incredible power of their imagination to literally transform their lives.

I will take you on an epic and exhilarating journey to self-transformation, during which you will rediscover and redefine your life purpose and passions.

I will teach you super-powerful techniques based on the psychological, spiritual and scientific aspects behind the Manifestation Process!

I will help you take your power back as a conscious creator of your own reality so that you can create long-lasting, positive changes in your life.

And above all, you will LOVE the whole process of getting to where you’ve always wanted to be!

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“I am amazed at how quickly things have been manifesting for me! It’s incredible how life shows up when we do! YOU are the person who lifted me up and showed me how it all works! I am SO grateful!”



Mahina truly is such a phenomenal coach! She’s helped me navigate through some HUGE life changes and taught me how to be myself fully! Her Manifesting Program just SO magical and I can’t wait to begin the Empowering Journey too!


“So powerful”

“Mahina has been an amazing mentor. Her coaching is packed with tips and resources. She will make an amazing difference in your life! I thank her for everything!


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