Hollie Canning coached by Mahina Perrot

“Mahina truly is such a phenomenal coach! She’s helped me navigate through some HUGE life changes and taught me how to be myself fully! My experience with her was just SO magical!”

– Hollie Canning

“I am amazed at how quickly things have been manifesting for me! It’s incredible how life shows up when we do! YOU are the person who lifted me up and showed me how it all works! I am SO grateful!”

– Marisa De Pablo

Marisa coached by Mahina Perrot
Cheryl coached by Mahina Perrot

“Working with Mahina has been a real blessing. I was at the start of my journey into manifestation when I met Mahina.

She has guided and taught me what I need to do in order to raise my vibration. Mahina is a kind, empathetic and knowledgeable person who really wants to help others.

She tailored our sessions towards me and what I want to achieve out of life. She never judged me but always encouraged and supported my dreams.

I looked forward to my weekly sessions with Mahina and delighted in being able to share with her the positive things that had happened to me.

I would very much recommend working with Mahina as a coach, she has really helped me in my journey and I feel extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to work with her.”

Cheryl Gregory

Eleonore coached by Mahina Perrot

I want to give a massive THANK YOU to this awesome young lady, Mahina Perrot from ImaginAdventures, a writing coach and wildlife journalist, keen globe trotter, who, with her talent and vast experience as a writing coach has helped me publish my book The year I went wild. She has the patience and the knowledge and she “walks her talk”.

Mahina has written and published about 9 books herself with great 5 star reviews on Amazon (check her out). On top of that, she is a pure-hearted human being who truly cares about doing an amazing job. She is a proactive, hard-working, and inspiring woman I now consider a mentor, but also a dear friend. She’s got a very unique approach to what she does, and she always delivers more than you’d expect.

If you are planning to write a book, please get in touch with her, she truly is great at her job. I certainly am very pleased with her work and I highly recommend her!

Eleonore Op De Beeck

I have just recently completed 12 weeks of coaching with Mahina and I can honestly say it has been the best experience!

Mahina’s knowledge is second to none and she has helped me to discover and rediscover many things about myself and my aspirations in life. I can honestly say I have learned so much and feel I am truly on my path.

She is such a wonderful coach, but also a wonderful person, so kind and compassionate with the most gorgeous energy, she has taught me so much and I will be forever grateful for this experience.

Thank you Mahina, we may be at the end of this coaching journey but it certainly is not goodbye.

Sharon Tosh – Ireland

Sharon Tosh coached by Mahina Perrot
Subhajit Shome Coached by Mahina Perrot

“Mahina has been an amazing mentor. Her coaching is packed with tips and resources.

She will make an amazing difference in your life! I thank her for everything!”

– Subhajit Shome 

“I LOVE your programme so much! It changed my life drastically and so quickly too! You’ve given me so much clarity and a renewed sense of purpose! Thank you!”

– Bhavika Dave Trivedi

Bhavika Dave Trivedi coached by Mahina Perrot