Mahina Perrot

Mahina Perrot is a Certified Quantum Manifestation Coach and the founder of ImaginAdventures.  She is also a Writing and self-published Coach bilingual author, a translator and a Communications Specialist.

I have worked for ten years as a Freelance Wildlife Journalist, travelling all around the world to some of the most exotic places you can imagine!

I was lucky enough to have met some incredible people along the way, and to have come face to face with some of the wildest, most amazing animals on earth including leopards, jaguars, lions, leatherback turtles, elephants, and many more!

I am a keen traveller with an endless imagination and a deep-rooted passion for wildlife and storytelling! I love writing inspiring books that encourage children and adults alike to become the heroes of their very own adventure. 

Since I’ve launched myself as an author and Quantum Manifestation and Writing Coach, my life has taken an entirely new direction and I’m thoroughly enjoying every step of this journey!

I hope that you will enjoy my books as much as I loved writing them and that they will inspire you to always believe in your dreams!

Mahina Perrot writing coach
Mahina Perrot writing coach




In “Write and Publish Your First Book In 90 Days”, I take you through every step that I use to efficiently and professionally create inspiring books so that you too can share your story, your transformational journey and/or your skills and expertise with the world!
This is not just any guidebook, this is a process I have specially designed for the soulful entrepreneurs, the passionate business owners, and the aspiring writers out there who want to make their dreams of writing and publishing their first book within just three months a reality.
In this book, you’ll not only learn about how to get started and find your best book idea, but I also give you practical tips and advice as to how to stay motivated and “in the flow” as you write, and to overcome the infamous “writer’s” block”.
MANIFESTING by Mahina Perrot


What do you most desire, and how can you make all of your dreams come true? “M.A.N.I.F.E.S.T.I.N.G: A simple yet powerful guide to creating the successful and abundant life you desire” shows you how to make anything you want in life happen.
This step-by-step guide aims to help you take back your control as the creator of your own reality. It contains powerful practical advice, proven scientific facts, and quotes by some of the world’s most famous motivational speakers.
Each chapter is meant to guide you through the entire “Manifestation process” and help you create your ideal life in the most efficient manner possible. 
At the end of the book, you will also find 30 motivational cards that will help you manifest your new reality! 
Wild Adventures Mahina Perrot
After she spent time at a wildlife sanctuary in Florida, helping to care for over 100 exotic animals, hand-feeding rescued tigers and getting pinched by lemurs, Mahina became more determined than ever to see more of these animals in the wild.
She created her own non-profit organisation and began her journey as a wildlife journalist, and travelled to untamed lands from the African wilderness to the exotic jungles in Brazil.
“Wild Adventures: A wildlife journalist’s true stories” is a collection of true, funny, and sometimes scary anecdotes about her time in the wilderness which will surely entertain the wildlife lovers and fellow adventurers out there!
IZEL the Black Panther By Mahina Perrot


Young adults (9 years old and older)

One glorious day, on the outskirts of the Amazon rainforest, the first black jaguar is born. Members of the Rainbow Clan reluctantly accept the unusual-looking cub into their tribe. As Izel grows up, even her mother, Yucatan, cannot protect her from the other animals’ growing resentment. 

But Izel is special. Chiefs and shamans from all over the forest have heard of the prophecy. The Black Panther is the only one that can save them all.

Will Izel, who has now become a symbol of hope for the animals of the rainforest, manage to drive humans away and protect her friends and family for good, and thus fulfil the prophecy that was made about her long ago?

Foxy's Wild Adventures by Mahina Perrot and Paul Windridge


7 to 10 years old

Foxy’s Wild Adventures is a compelling tale for children which follows the adventures of Foxy, a wild and curious little fox as he goes out into the big wide world and learns about Nature, other animals and plants and, ultimately, about himself.

The story was written by Mahina Perrot, author, a journalist, a creative writer with a deep-rooted passion for wildlife and storytelling. She loves inspiring children to discover more about who they are through fictional tales, myths and stories. You can browse more of her books on

This book is illustrated with absolutely enchanting photographs taken by Paul Windridge, an artist, video artist, music maker and writer whose work has been exhibited and screened worldwide. 

Princess Hollie's magical adventures by Mahina Perrot


7 to 10 years old

Princess Hollie is jolly and always happy! She brings so much joy to those around her! 

But one day, her parents are poisoned! And the poor little princess is exiled from her kingdom.

Hollie and her best friend, Kitty, go on a journey, through which they make new friends. Hollie meets the little fairies who help her to become a healer. 

She then goes on a mission to find an antidote for her parents. Will she succeed and will she ever be able to go back home to her kingdom?

The African Tales and Legends Collection by Mahina Perrot


9 to 12 years old

This beautiful edition of The African Tales and Legends Collection contains six fun, illustrated animal stories!

Follow the adventures of Toko the tortoise, Bongwe the baboon, Mr Hippo, Nana the hyena, Kiki the giraffe, Madoda the lion, Ziggy the zebra and of all of your favourite African animals!

These myths have been told for many generations in the African oral tradition and elders in villages are still entertaining children with those delightful tales.

These stories have been adapted for children from all around the world.

Louise's marvellous world bilingual by Mahina Perrot


6 to 11 years old

Meet Louise, a beautiful little girl who loves her family, animals, her dogs, life at the farm, and, of course, the holidays and grows up as you get through the stories.

This 220-page book, with its A4 format, contains no less than 9 wonderful beautifully illustrated little books as well as translations (French/English) under each paragraph and even some games!

Easy to read, these stories allow children to learn French and/or English, all while having fun. These are also great to help them deepen their knowledge of the language.

Aventures sauvages par Mahina Perrot


French Version / Version Française

Après avoir passé trois mois dans un sanctuaire animalier en Floride à prendre soin de plus de 100 animaux sauvages, Mahina est déterminée à voir plus de ces animaux dans leurs habitats naturels.

S’Ă©tant Ă©tablie comme journaliste animalière, elle a ainsi commencĂ© son pĂ©riple qui l’emmènera des forĂŞts tropicales du BrĂ©sil Ă  la savane africaine.

Après maintes aventures, sa passion pour la nature lui a permis de dĂ©crocher un emploi permanent en Zambie oĂą la vue d’Ă©lĂ©phants traversant la rĂ©ception, des lions dormant sur la pelouse ainsi que les lĂ©opards se promenant librement sont devenus sa nouvelle routine!


French Version / Version Française

La Princesse Hollie est une jeune fille joyeuse qui apporte Ă©normĂ©ment de bonheur Ă  son entourage. Hollie a un coeur d’or et souhaite un jour devenir une grande guĂ©risseuse.

Mais un jour ses parents, le Roi et la Reine, sont empoisonnés par la méchante sorcière Lorna, et la pauvre princesse est exilée loin de son royaume! Hollie et Kitty, son fidèle compagnon, sont alors forcés de se forger une nouvelle vie.

Hollie arrivera-t-elle Ă  concocter l’antidote pour ses parents et parviendra-t-elle Ă  reprendre sa place en tant que princesse Ă  sauver son royaume?

A book is a device to ignite the imagination

Alan Bennet


Life is a beautiful journey, and so is this book. Reading this book makes you feel that anything is possible, and in itself, this is already life-changing. 

Instead of telling myself what is not possible due to some tricky personal situations, my mind slowly turned to what I imagine and want and that it was, after all, possible. 

The book guides you where you want to be, like a close friend holding your hand. Highly recommended.

Geraldine Deschamps


I started a book 6 years ago and this book is the one which (finally) gave me the motivation I needed to go ahead and finish it! 

This book is exactly what I was looking for – an easy-to-read-, easy-to-apply, breezy guide that will help me not just get started again on writing my book but on how to finish it and then publish but also market it!

It is perfect for aspiring writers, for all those who already have a book idea, or at least know that they want to publish a book or share their story, and who are ready to do it!

Thank you! Highly recommended!

Anna N.


I wasn’t sure what to expect when I picked this book up, but I really liked it.

It seems to have lion king aura about it, but obviously very different storyline. I like how the book is done from the animals perspective, which makes it very unique as I haven’t read many books like that!

The book is fun and lighthearted as we tackle Izel being different from the others and trying to fit in.

Overall, the book is well written, fun and has a great storyline.

Would highly recommend to all young readers who want to read something a little different!


Review for IZEL, The Black Panther

Life is definitely for living! This is what this series of extraordinary stories demonstrates to me.

If you have self-belief and the courage to follow your instincts, the ability to reinvent yourself and adapt to everything you may encounter, whether it be good or bad, you can lead a life so full of adventure and wonder, it will almost certainly astonish you.

Paul Windridge


This book was genuinely life-changing.

Not only will it help you realise your goals in life, but it will help you achieve them with practical and realistic advice that’s backed by science (major bonus!). 

Mahina breaks down some more complex topics so you can understand them and start implementing them into your life immediately. 

I had some major ‘ah-ha’ moments from this book and feel so much lighter and excited about life having read it. Well worth a read!

Louis Williams


This book was fantastic. I learned so much about the self-publishing world and now feel confident enough that when it comes to publishing my own book, I have this one to use as my guide.

Mahina takes you through everything from idea creation, to mindset, the writing process and more. If you have a book idea but need a helping motivational hand to help you actually write it, this is the book for you.

As a bonus, Mahina shares her experience with the practicalities of self-publishing. Including selling on Amazon, software to use and more. Highly recommend it.

Gina Lucia


Wow! I have to say, I was hugely impressed with this story!

The main character, Izel, is truly engaging and the author did an excellent job telling the story through the eyes of a wild animal, which can’t be easy, even if as it says in the author’s notes she has actually seen jaguars in the wild!

My niece who is 13 and loves animals fell in love with both the cover and the story at first sight and is now constantly talking about Izel! This book is a rare gem. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Anna N.


I enjoyed reading this book “MANIFESTING” A simple yet powerful step-by-step guide to creating the successful and abundant life you desire by Mahina Perrot.

This book Shows you how to create a better life, how to manifest what you want to achieve in life.

through her life it shows you the pathway to reach your dreams.
Highly recommend

Rachel Ben-Or

Author and Spiritual Teacher, Review for MANIFESTING

A well written book! The author in her young life has really lived and experienced many facets of life and had courage to go for it, adventuring into the great unknown to fulfill some of her dreams.

I enjoyed reading through the many adventures and experiences and the way they were put together.

I am certain more great works and adventures is to come from this young author.

Pradeep Vijay


De grandes images, un format BD, vraiment super livre! Il y a mĂŞme des petits jeux ans les histoires!

Les traductions paragraphe par paragraphe sont vraiment excellentes et faciles Ă  lire, un apprentissage optimal, au rythme de chacun ou chacune!

Ce livre lui a permis Ă  ma petite-fille de developer une vĂ©ritable passion pour l’Anglais! Je le recommande vivement Ă  tous les parents et/ou grand-parents!

Nath C.


This book puts us together with nature, as we learn about the life and adventures of a black jaguar, being captured in the zoo, and being rescued and fleeing back to the jungle, when it realized that the jungle is being deforested.
Nevertheless, it is reassuring to know that the black jaguars are protected in the nature park and pictures of those jaguars even appeared in National Geographic!
Overall, I like how the author advocated for animals and nature by writing this book and putting us in the perspective of those animals.
Ronaldo YEE


I love Mahina’s books as they are so engaging and uplifting.

In a time when everything feels chaotic and uncertain, MANIFESTING gave me a sense of control. She outlines the steps to control and optimize your mindset in such an accessible manner.

Her books made me feel like she was right there speaking to me and I love that!

Hollie Canning


What do you want to achieve in life? How can you make your dreams come true?

The author offers a simple, yet powerful guide on how you can change your life and welcome everything you have ever wanted. She goes on to prove that anything we desire can happen, as long as we manifest our intentions the right way.

I love books which contain advice I can use, and not just theory. This guide has introduced me to valuable lessons, serving as a powerful reminder that we are in control. We can create the life we dream of, but this will require a lot of inner strength and perseverance.

If there were two words I could use to describe this manifesting guide, these would be “uplifting” and “inspiring”. From the practical advice to the proven scientific facts, this is a truly motivational book. And, speaking of motivation, how cool are the motivational cards the author has added at the end? These will definitely come in handy later on, especially if you will feel like giving up.

When reading non-fiction books, I try to choose guides that can help me stay inspired and continue my self-development journey. This book definitely fall in this category, and while reading it, you can practically feel the author’s positivity. She has managed to create a beautiful life for herself, and now she is trying to help others achieve their dreams as well.

I often tell people: “You have to read this book!” Well, you have to. It offers plenty of advice on how you can fight for the things you want to achieve, and see your dreams come true. Are you looking to feel more excited about life and what lies ahead? Give this book a try and, soon, you will realize that anything is possible.

Alexandra Antipa - Author & Expert reviewer at AlexReads


A lovely tale for children, written by one of my favorite authors. I had already read “The Adventures of Izel, the Black Panther” and I was eager to read another one of her books.

This story introduces young reader to Foxy, a curious fox who goes into the big world. In his journey, he will end up discovering the beauty of nature, learning all about animals and plants. The result? You will have to read the book to find out.

I love books that introduce children to the wonderful universe of animals, and there is something so captivating about foxes. The author has created a lovely story, full of adventure and learning opportunities.

My daughter found Foxy to be an adorable creature and she kept turning the pages to find out what would happen next.

It was interesting to read a story in which photographs of real foxes were used. According to the author, these photos belong to a talented artist, who loves spending his time in the company of real foxes. I think little ones will be drawn to this story, as the use of such photos offers a connection between the real and the imaginary.

Through her wonderful story, the author is trying to send a powerful message. Kids will easily relate to the curious Foxy and her thirst for discovery, being able to understand that it is perfectly fine to be unique. Books like this one can help our little ones embrace their uniqueness and feel more comfortable in their own skin. The constant reference to nature is delightful, whether we are talking about ravens, the ocean, or trees.

This is an adorable story! Foxy’s journey into the big world will enchant little readers and it will help them embrace their individuality. The book brings them closer to nature, animals and plants, but it also stimulates the interest for adventure.

Alexandra Antipa - Author & Expert reviewer at AlexReads


A wondrous story which will delight children and adults in an equal manner. Told from the perspective of an animal, it offers a little bit of everything. Readers will be drawn from the first page, turning one page after the other to see if the black panther will fulfill the ancient prophecy.

What a wonderful tale! I loved how the author brought the Amazon rainforest onto the pages of a book. The main character, Izel, is a black panther with a unique destiny. She will go on a journey like no other, accompanied by a group of young animals, only to end up in such a different place from what she imagined.

I am not going to tell you details about the story itself, you will have to read the book to find out. What I want to share with you, though, is how much the story impressed me. The author did an excellent job in creating Izel, and I found it comforting that she brought the black panther in close connection with humans.

Exquisitely written, the tale captured me completely. I followed the jaguar’s journey from up close, eager to see what happened next. As I mentioned above, the storyline is amazing, offering something for every reader. From undying friendships to the magic of the Amazon rainforest, you cannot help but feel like you have entered the story yourself.

I must also applaud the author for approaching uncomfortable topics. On the one hand, she teaches her readers that it is perfectly fine to feel different, as long as you love yourself and embrace your uniqueness. At the same time, she highlights the disastrous consequences of deforestation, hunting, and poaching. We clearly see how threatened animals are, and how important the rainforest is, not only for the respective area but for the entire planet.

Without a doubt, this is one of the best books I have ever read. I loved, loved, loved it! You can see that the author has poured her heart and soul into the story, refining each detail to perfection. Great job!

Alexandra Antipa - Author & Expert reviewer at AlexReads