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Wild adventures

A wildlife journalist’s true stories

After she spent time at a wildlife sanctuary in Florida, helping to care for over 100 exotic animals, hand-feeding rescued tigers and getting pinched by lemurs, Mahina became more determined than ever to see more of these animals in the wild.

She created her own non-profit and began her journey as a wildlife journalist, and travelled to untamed lands from the African wilderness to the exotic jungles in Brazil. 

In the end, her passion for wildlife got her a permanent job at a safari lodge where watching elephants walk through the reception, lions sleep on the lawn, leopards wander around and bush-babies settle inside her house became her new routine!  

“Wild Adventures: A wildlife journalist’s true stories” is a collection of true, funny, and sometimes scary anecdotes about her time in the wilderness which will surely entertain the wildlife lovers and fellow adventurers out there!

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