Princess Hollie’s magical adventures

Princess Hollie is jolly and always happy! She brings so much joy to those around her! 

But one day, her parents are poisoned! And the poor little princess is exiled from her kingdom.

Hollie and her best friend, Kitty, go on a journey, through which they make new friends. Hollie meets the little fairies who help her to become a healer. 

She then goes on a mission to find an antidote for her parents. Will she succeed and will she ever be able to go back home to her kingdom?

Louise’s marvellous world – Tome 1 

BOOKS 1, 2, 3 

Meet Louise, a cute and kind little girl who enjoys spending time with her animal friends, with her family and of course who loves being on holidays!

This edition includes Book 1, “An elephant in my backyard”, Book 2, “Louise to the rescue” and Book 3, “Holidays at the beach”.

These three beautiful stories will delight your little ones. The A4 format of the books, with their big images and big fonts, makes it easy for children to read and enjoy each story at their own pace.

There are 3 Tomes in this unique collection! Scroll down to find out more and get TOME 2 and TOME 3 of “Louise’s marvellous world”!

Louise’s marvellous world – Tome 2 

BOOKS 4, 5, 6

Louise is growing up nicely! And she comes back in three new stories. In “The Little Shepherdess”, Louise quickly becomes the designated “veterinarian” of the family’s farm.

“The Christmas Elf,”, highlights the little girl’s determination to be a good little girl so that Santa doesn’t forget her! Luckily, a Christmas elf is here to help her!

In the third little book, Louise gets to spend the holidays with Nathan. Unfortunately, he gets sick but the little girl doesn’t give up, and soon enough both cousins spend a wonderful time together.

Louise’s marvellous world – Tome 2 

BOOKS 7, 8, 9

Louise returns to delight your children with three new stories in this latest edition.

In the first book of this tome 3, (book 7 of the collection), the little girl is going to school for the first time. There, she is learning the alphabet, how to count and makes lots of new friends!

In book 8, Louise and her cousin Nathan go to Summer Camp! Between enjoying catching bugs, jumping on the trampoline, doing yoga, going camping and many other activities, the children are having a great time together!

And finally, in the last story, Louise’s parents tell her that she is about to become a big sister! The little girl is more than happy about it and learns how to take good care of her adorable little brother!

Foxy’s wild adventures 

Foxy’s Wild Adventures is a compelling tale for children which follows the adventures of Foxy, a curious little fox as he goes out into the big wide world and learns about Nature, other animals and plants and, ultimately, about himself.

The story was written by Mahina Perrot, who has a deep-rooted passion for wildlife and storytelling. She loves inspiring children to discover more about our world and about who they are through fictional tales, myths and stories.

The gorgeous photographs in this book were taken by Paul Windridge, an artist and writer. Paul is also the author of Fox Tales and Fox Family, and has been spending a lot of time with a family of wild foxes, including our little Foxy featured in this book. You can find more of his work at

The African Tales and Legends Collection 

This beautiful edition of The African Tales and Legends Collection contains six fun, illustrated animal stories!

Follow the adventures of Toko the tortoise, Bongwe the baboon, Mr Hippo, Nana the hyena, Kiki the giraffe, Madoda the lion, Ziggy the zebra and of all of your favourite African animals!

These myths have been told for many generations in the African oral tradition and elders in villages are still entertaining children with those delightful tales.

These stories have been adapted for children from all around the world.

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