Children’s books

Browse through my lovely selection of unique books which includes delightful tales for children aged between 3 and 5,  5 and 7, and 7 and 10 years old. 

Each book contains beautiful stories and stunning illustrations.


In this section you will find books that will inspire the wildlife lovers, travellers, dreamers and avid readers out there.
Anyone who is interested in living their ideal life and making all of their dreams come true should also definitely check it out!

Happy Readers

Foxy's wild adventures

Such a beautifully written tale about a young fox’s fantastic adventures illustrated with truly gorgeous photographs! A delightful story for young children and adults alike !” – Brigitte Regoli


“Reading this book makes you feel that anything is possible, and in itself this is already life changing. Instead of telling myself what is not possible due to some tricky personal situations, my mind slowly turned to what I imagine and want and that it was, after all, possible. The book guides you where you want to be, like a close friend holding your hand. Highly recommended.” – Geraldine Deschamps

Wild adventures

Life is definitely for living is what this series of extraordinary stories demonstrates to me. If you have self belief and the courage to follow your instincts, the ability to reinvent yourself and adapt to everything you may encounter, whether it be good or bad, you can lead a life so full of adventure and wonder, it will almost certainly astonish you.” – Paul Windridge


“I love Mahina’s books as they are so engaging and uplifting. In a time when everything feels chaotic and uncertain, MANIFESTING gave me a sense of control. She outlines the steps to control and optimize your mindset in such an accessible manner. Her books made me feel like she was right there speaking to me and I love that!” – Hollie Canning