Mahina Perrot

Hi everyone! My name is Mahina and I am happy to see you there! In case you don’t know about me yet, I am a  certified Law of Attraction/Manifestation Coach and Life Coach, as well as a Mindset and Writing Coach.

I help people tap into the limitless power of their imagination to literally transform their lives.

I run three successful coaching programs which can be taken as stand-alone programmes or work with each other to enjoy the most magickal and adventurous life possible!

The Manifesting Adventure Program aim to allow you to take your power back as a creator of your own reality, while The Peaceful Journey is packed with amazing tools that will allow you to live a peaceful, relaxing life in which you are in charge of your vibration and emotions. The Author’s Path programme teaches you how to best share your story with others through writing and publishing in your very own book!

I am also a bilingual Author, a Creative Writer and a Communications Specialist and I worked for many years as a Freelance Wildlife Journalist. I am of course a keen traveller with an endless imagination and a deep-rooted passion for wildlife and storytelling!

By Mahina Perrot


A simple yet powerful step-by-step-guide to creating the successful and abundant life you desire

What do you most desire, and how can you make all of your dreams come true?    

“M.A.N.I.F.E.S.T.I.N.G: A simple yet powerful guide to creating the successful and abundant life you desire” actually shows you how to be, do and have anything you want in life!

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Mahina is a wonderful writer and all-round generous person. Her natural way with words has produced a wonderful piece of work (her book MANIFESTING) which is sure to change many lives. Mahina is one to watch out for and is a joy to work with!

– Gina Lucia