What child doesn’t love animals? How many times do they watch cartoons featuring animals, or want you to take them to the zoo?

Don’t your children or grand-children enjoy playing with their pets or are they not still cuddling animal-shaped soft toys? 

Well, did you know that even in remote African villages, where children, unfortunately, have no access to books whatsoever, they hold a deep respect and fascination towards animals?

I travelled to many countries around the world as a wildlife journalist, and I have lived in a tiny African village where kids, but also their parents and grandparents, would all come and sit down with me outside my house just to tell me various stories about animals such as elephants, baboons, giraffes and lions! 

I was so fascinated by what they told me, and the way they talked was so lively and beautiful that even though I didn’t speak the language, I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent with them as they recounted these various myths and legends! 

They were all so keen to one day see their stories turned into a book that they agreed to let me record them as they spoke. I then got everything translated, and spent eight months re-adapting these tales, making illustrations and turning those “storytelling sessions” into fun animal stories that would appeal to kids from all around the world!

And this is how “The African Tales and Legends Collection was born”!

📗 If you are interested, gorgeous paperback versions of “The African Tales and Legends Collection” are available on:

The Bookelis online library: https://cutt.ly/Uh6QDTB

And on Amazon (Kindle version and paperback): https://cutt.ly/rh06leu

This is a unique gift for any child, not only because of the six amusing illustrated stories it contains but also because each of them is based on myths and legends that are still being passed down from generation to generation in the treasured ancient African oral tradition, even today!