“This book is genuinely life-changing. Not only will it help you realise your goals in life, but it will help you achieve them with practical and realistic advice that’s backed by science” – Louis Williams, 5-star review on Amazon.

As human beings, haven’t we always been fascinated by the presence of a higher power existing in the “world” as we know it? Some call it God, Mana, Chi, or simply the “energy that animates everything and everyone”. Since ancient times, people already had a sense that we lived in a somewhat conscious universe and that there were some kinds of “laws” that we have to abide by (such as the law of gravity, the law of polarity but also the law of attraction or the law of vibration).

But what we have also always known is that we also have our own free wills. We are conscious beings, able to make conscious choices and decisions every single moment of every day. We already know that, but Quantum Physics  has actually proven something quite extraordinary: Whatever we think, we create. Whatever we choose to observe, we bring to life.

Simply put, that means by being the “conscious observers” of our world, of our reality, we can change it, we can create it. We can make it anything we want! And there are no limits! This alone makes you a powerful creator! 

While to be able to create is one thing, to actually go through the “manifestation process” in order to consciously and accurately bring into your life what you want is quite another.

In my book “MANIFESTING: A step-by-step guide to creating the successful and abundant life you desire”, I break down some complex topics so that you can understand them and start implementing them into your life immediately

 I share with you the key elements that will enable you to actually create or attract anything you want. It is a book based on personal experiences but it is also backed by science. Mainly though, it is a book about you. I have included some of the most powerful and relevant quotes by some of the world’s most inspirational and motivational speakers and at the end of the book you will also find 30 “Motivational Cards”, which you can simply enjoy reading all at once, or you can choose to “pick” one every morning to help you stay on track as you manifest one dream after another!

Each letter of the word M.A.N.I.F.E.S.T.I.N.G makes up one chapter, which makes the entire process much easier to remember. This book will become your life-long and most loyal companion on your life journey! 

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Happy reading everyone! Countless blessings your way!

Mahina Perrot